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Star Wars Battlefront Preview!!!!


I love Star Wars and Star Wars Battlefront is one of my most anticipated games of 2015. That epic, E3 2015 trailer showing that mind blowing battle on Hoth just made me want the game even more. What is weird about my…… well what is becoming an obsession with Star Wars Battlefront is that I am actually not a huge online gamer, but I cannot wait to get online and have a lot of fun with this. Anyway today I am putting together a little preview/cool things list about Star Wars Battlefront.

Play The Way You Want To Play


One thing that is really cool is that the Star Wars Battlefront will allow you to play in either first or third person. So if you like to pretend you are in the game the you will no doubt want that first person viewpoint, but if you are playing as say, Luke Skywalker for example then you will probably want to be able to see his awesome character model on screen as you play.

Amazing Star Wars Locations


Dice look like they have gone above and beyond with the different maps (which as of writing will be 12 at the games launch) the ones we have seen, especially Hoth just look amazing, but as well as the icy planet of Hoth. We will be kicking all kinds of ass in the forests of Endor, kicking sand in Tatooine and also fighting it out on the rough and pretty damn horrific planet of Sullust to name a few. Dice look like they are really going to be putting a lot of fan service in this game. For me personally I cannot wait to play on the Hoth map we have seen, but I think fighting in the Endor forest is going to be a lot of fun also.

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Online Multiplayer Modes


This is what Star Wars Battlefront is all about! There have been a few game modes announced so far with Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron getting the most attention. Walker Assault will see teams of up to 40 people fighting it out where the goal is to capture an uplink file to either protect or destroy AT-AT’s. Fighter Squadron will see you getting to pilot some of the most iconic vehicles from the Star Wars universe as you fly over planets in an all-out space battle! Supremacy, Cargo and Drop Zone are other game modes that you will be able to do also.

What About Offline Modes?


Well sadly Dice have said that there will be no big offline single player campaign which does kind of suck if I am honest, but there is still a lot of fun to be had here either by yourself or with a buddy in split screen co-op. Two modes that have really peaked my interest are first of all, Hero Battles this is where you can play as some of your favorite characters from Star Wars. Each character seems to have their own playstyle with Luke for example being more of an acrobatic type of character. Darth Vader on the other hand will be a bit more smash mouth in his style of play. Another mode I love the sound off is Survival which sees you taking down wave after wave of enemies. As well as these two awesome modes, Star Wars Battlefront will have another couple of modes for you to enjoy offline.

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There Are Lots Of Cool Vehicles!


I will be honest and say in games like this I am not the best when it comes to piloting vehicles, but man this is Star Wars and this game has some of the most amazing things to drive, fly and kick ass in! A few things that I have seen which I am really looking forward to getting behind the controls of are, the AT-AT, Snow Speeder, X-Wing, Tie Fighter and hauling ass through the forest of Endor on a Speeder Bike!

What You Need To Know!

Star Wars Battlefront will be released on November 17th in the USA and two days later on the 19th in Europe. It will be available on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.