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Lego Jurassic World Review


I had to wait a while to pick up latest game in the Lego series, Lego Jurassic World, but I have now spent a lot of time with the game. My son and I love playing through the Lego games so today we are seeing if Lego Jurassic World can live up to the epic, Lego Batman and Lego Marvel Super Heroes games that we have had the last couple of years. Please note that the version I have played through is the Xbox One version of the game, but from what I understand most versions of the game are near identical.


To start with this is the same style of Lego game that we played about a decade ago with the first Lego Star Wars game. Not a great deal has changed in the series to be honest, but while for some series that would be frowned upon. The Lego Series gets away with it because the games despite not changing a great deal make amazingly good use of the franchises they have and above all else they are fun to play.

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Lego Jurassic World features all four movies, Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Jurassic Park III and of course, Jurassic World. Each movie has a few different stages for you to play through and you get to relive some of the highlights from the movies. One thing that I thought was kind of odd was that the game lets you play either Jurassic Park or Jurassic World right from the start, but the other two movies need to be unlocked. Not a huge deal I know I just found it a little bit odd how the first and the last movie were there right from the start.


The game of course has that Lego charm you would expect and like the other recent Lego games there is voice acting in this game. Certain scenes will have the actual dialogue from the movie used. This is a lot of fun and not overused as some of the cut-scenes do just rely on their action to move the story along. Speaking of the story, Lego Jurassic World does a great job in retelling the Jurassic Park saga in Lego form. There are a few changes of course such as the “evil blood sucking lawyer” not getting eaten by the T-Rex…… well he does, but he then lives in her mouth. It is funny stuff and a perfect example of the charm that the Lego games have. If you love the Jurassic Park movies then you really will have the biggest, goofiest smile on your face the whole time you play this.



As far as the game play goes…… well it is a Lego game! You should go into this game knowing exactly what to expect. Expect nothing more and nothing less and you will be very happy. Pretty much everything in the game can be destroyed, earning your Lego studs which you can use to buy new vehicles and characters. Speaking of characters, pretty much every single character (and dinosaur) from the Jurassic Park franchise is playable here and like in previous Lego games certain characters have different abilities like a zoologist being able to dig in dino poop for example! There are the simple puzzles that you would expect from a Lego game and none will really frustrate you. Making this a perfect game for kids or to play with your kids.

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The combat in Lego Jurassic World is a little bit different. Think about it how many times in the moves do humans actually fight dinosaurs? The game is more about avoiding them…. Except for the god damn Compy’s whose sole existence in the game is to annoy the hell out of you. When you get to take part in some dino vs dino action like the T-Rex taking on the Spinosaurus from the 3rd movie it just has such an epic feel to it that you will be having an amazing time….. actually as I write this I think it was Jurassic Park III that my son and I enjoyed playing through the most.

The hub worlds for each movie are kind of cool, you get to wander around the island a little bit, but it is not as huge as the open world Gotham we got in Lego Batman 2 or the open world New York City we had in Lego Marvel Super Heroes and this is my biggest complaint of the game (and really my only complaint) I think that being able to explore the whole island from one of the movies in the same style Lego Batman 2 or Lego Marvel Super Heroes offered would have been a lot of fun. You can explore a little bit, but a whole island would have been the icing on this already tasty cake.

Final Thoughts

Lego Jurassic World is a fantastic continuation of the Lego series and I would actually say it is the best Jurassic Park game that has ever been made. If the Lego games have never floated your boat before this then I cannot see this one doing it either. But for you fans of the Lego series, you are going to really enjoy yourselves here.