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NBA 2K16 To Feature Michael Jordan


We have known for a while now that NBA 2K16 will have three cover stars this year in current MVP and NBA Champion, Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis and James Harden. Three pretty damn good picks it must be said, but 2K have also announced a NBA 2K16 Special Edition that will see Michael Jordan grace the box for the third time after doing so in NBA 2K11 and NBA 2K12. But there will be no elaborate, Jordan mode here like we had in the past (although there is sure to be some kind of classic mode in this year’s NBA 2K game) instead you get some cool physical goodies and some in game items as well.

Current Gen Only!

That is right, NBA 2K16 Special Edition is only available on Xbox One and Playstation 4 and it will be sold for $79.99. Now for my fellow UK NBA fans so far this has not shown up anywhere for pre order here in the UK! I have emailed 2K, but I am waiting for a response, but I have a bad feeling we may not see this over here.

The Box Art

While not a bid deal to some, NBA 2K16 Special Edition has some pretty damn epic box art and honestly after seeing it, you may struggle to bring yourself to just have Stephen Curry sitting on your shelf. I am a bit weird so I love nice box art and this year’s NBA 2K game so far has my favorite box art of the year!

The Physical Items You Will Get


Now this to me is what a special edition should be all about! Far too many games these days give you a ton of in game content in a special edition and that is all you get. Do not get me wrong I enjoy extra in game content, but as a collector….. and a consumer who likes to feel he is getting a lot of bang for his buck. I like to get something I can actually keep as well. Anyway let’s take a closer look at what you are getting.

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Michael Jordan NBA 2K16 Poster: For the love of god I hope that this is the epic box art! Getting a cool video game poster to put in my game room is always awesome. With MJ being as popular as he is. I would not be surprised to see this sucker popping up on EBay shortly after the game has been released.

Michael Jordan Fathead Wall Cling: I have seen these flathead wall clings before and they are pretty cool. Most of the ones I have seen are life size, but I doubt this will be a life size one. Still this is a pretty cool bonus to get.

The Digital Items You Will Get


I am sure for many people these virtual items that you can use in My Player are going to be a deciding factor in deciding about getting this special edition.

Clothing For My Player: You are getting a whole host of Jordan goodness that you can pimp your My Player out with. You are getting a pair of Jordan’s, a special t shirt and also a jersey as well.

In Game Currency: You will get 30,000 VC to spend on your player which can really set you up to have some pretty impressive stats right of the bat.

My Team Items: I love the My Team mode of NBA 2K so this is what excites me most with the in game content. You will get three Emerald Packs which is sure to score you some great players. You will also get a Special Moments Card that is excusive to this set.

So Is This Special Edition Worth It?

To me it all depends if you are a Michael Jordan fan or not. I grew up with him as one of my heroes so if this does become available here in the UK I will be preordering it without question mainly for the poster alone. But if you are not to fussed on MJ and do not care about having a ton of VC for My Player then you might be better just sticking with the standard edition.