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No Man’s Sky Preview


One game that I think is going to make many Playstation 4 owners happy later this year (hopefully) is No Man’s Sky. This is an incredible space exploration adventure and something that I am very excited for. Today I am giving you guys a few reasons why this is a game that should be on your radar if it is not already.

A Limitless Adventure


The galaxy….. that is right galaxy not world that No Man’s Sky is set in is pretty much limitless there is pretty much no end to the amount of randomly generated planets that the game will create for you to go and explore. If you land on one planet, think it is pretty boring then you just fly on to the next one. One thing that I think will be pretty cool is that some planets are bound to be pretty similar, bar a few difference. But when you land on a really weird planet with all kinds of creatures and just a totally bizarre ecosystem. Chances are you are going to want to explore as much of it as possible. With huge oceans, forests, deserts, jungles and everything else in-between the planets in this game sound very diverse and just really cool!

Space Combat Sounds Cool


Each player will have their own space craft and as you fly from planet to planet, you will get to engage in what seems like some really awesome space battles. Will you try and just fly from planet to planet to explore? Or will you blast every single spacecraft you see in outer space straight to hell? You can pretty much play this game anyway you want. As well as battling in space, you will have a number of guns to use to fight with on the planets also.

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Mine For Resources


The Minecraft generation is going to have a great time mining the differing worlds for various resources that they can use to make really cool things and upgrade their gear which is essential for you to survive on some of the more “extreme” types of planets. I will be totally honest with you guys and say this is not normally my type of thing, but from I have seen, No Man’s Sky makes it seem like it is going to be a lot of fun finding your own resources to build and upgrade things with.

Watch Out For The Space Police


Ok so they are not actually called The Space Police, but the Sentinels are pretty much the law and order of No Man’s Sky. If you take too much of a planets resources that you pretty much have bled it dry. Or if you have gone on some kind of insane killing spree. Then the Sentinels will be the ones who try to track you down and put you in your place. It is my understanding that there is going to be some kind of star system similar to what is in GTA. So if you cause way to much havoc then you better watch your back!

The Game Looks Bloody Gorgeous!


I have read many articles, interviews and watched a lot of videos about No Man’s Sky, but most of them seem to focus on all the cool things that you can get up to in No Man’s Sky. But one thing that I do not think the game is getting enough credit for is that this is just a gorgeous looking game. For me it is the underwater sections of the game that have made the biggest impact. I honestly cannot wait to see how good this game looks in person.

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There Is A Point To The Game


With all the talk of infinite planets to explore, lots of freaking looking creatures, crafting your own items and so on. It could be easy to think that No Man’s Sky is some kind of open ended game with no real end….. or dare I say point. But there is actually a goal to No Man’s Sky. And that is when you make it to the center of the galaxy. But do not worry this does not mean game over as once you have reached this point and seen what secrets it has for you, you can continue to explore the rest of the galaxy.