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Thoughts On The Nintendo NX


At this year’s E3, Reggie did say that there would be more information released on the next Nintendo console which is so far just codenamed, Nintendo NX during 2016. It is not surprising that in a lab somewhere, people are working on the next console, but to come out and talk about it under three years into their current consoles life is kind of weird. The Wii U……. first of all let me just say I love the Wii U it has the best line up by a freaking mile of games out of the current three consoles, but it is also shaping up to be Nintendo’s worst selling home console! Unless their new Zelda game can shift over ten million consoles then the Wii U will struggle to sell half of what the Game Cube did!

Give Us Some Damn Games!!!!!


I honestly off the top of my head cannot think of a console that had such a huge drought of games as the Wii U had. I swear after the launch it felt like there was no games released for the system until Pikmin 3…… which let’s face it is hardly a system seller! Now the Wii U has an incredible line up of exclusive games, but the next console simply must come out swinging. We are talking a new Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart and some other huge hits! Nintendo should not hold back games for the sake of doing so. They need to release with huge games with their next system as getting people away from their PS4’s and Xbox Ones is going to be hard enough as it is! If they need to hire more staff or get other developers to make games for them so be it, but they cannot make gamers wait like they did with the Wii U. I wonder how many people bought a Wii U at launch and then traded it within six months?

More Power


Since the Game Cube it is like Nintendo have been scared to make a powerhouse of a console. The games on the Wii U look great, but the lack of horsepower means that many third party developers will not even glance at the Wii U. Do you think for one second the people at ID gave a single thought to making a version of Doom for the Wii U? For many 3rd party developers the Wii U seems like a huge pain in the ass, inconvenience and because of the small user base, something they will struggle to break even on! I am not saying it has to be the most powerful console of all time, but this generation, Microsoft and Sony were able to make powerful consoles at affordable prices so Nintendo simply must do the same. Sorry to say it, but what they see as “innovative” game play is simply not enough anymore to sell consoles. Nintendo have to make it so the Nintendo NX does not seem like a huge hassle for a 3rd party developer to port a game to it.

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Please No Gimmicks!!!!


Look the Wii Remote & Knuchuck were fine, the Wii U Game Pad is not that bad, but man I would love it if Nintendo just made a console with a normal controller. I know this is most likely not to happen as they have said they are keeping things with their Nintendo NX under wraps so people do not take their ideas. So to me that means they must be working on some kind of “innovative” feature for the console and it seems like it relates to their controls. So while I would love Nintendo to just say “hey we are using a normal controller for our new console” I know there will be some kind of “gimmick” involved.

How About Mixing A Hand Held With A Console?


Just imagine if there was some way to play your DS and 3DS games on your Wii U! Perhaps being able to put a 3DS cart in the game pad and then play it on your TV? This would have been a huge feature for the Wii U and with the Game Cube and Game Boy Player and the SNES and the Super Game Boy we have had this feature before and I think that if they were to do something like this with the new console and the 3DS….. or their next hand held that it would be huge. I think this would be a pretty good selling point for the Nintendo NX. I am not saying this should be its main feature, but it would be pretty cool to have something like this.