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The Top Five Xbox One Exclusives


Hey guys today I am sharing with you what I consider to be the five best reasons to be happy you are an Xbox One owner or perhaps to show you five reasons as to why you should be thinking of picking up an Xbox One. Today we are looking at the best exclusive games for the console. Just so you know these are actual retail games that have a physical release and not indie games.

Number 5



Ok so yeah it was on 360 as well, but in that first year, Titanfall was a huge exclusive for the Xbox One and a game Microsoft were very confident would sway people to go and pick up an Xbox One. While this is an all online first person shooter. It does a great job in trying to put a story in there as well. Titanfall is just a very well made game that sees you being able to run around maps as a Jockey which is cool, but the real fun is when the Titans fall to the map and you can climb inside and kick some serious ass. While the online community may not be as big as it was a few months ago. It is still fun to fire up Titanfall and have a few battles. Also this game can be picked up for dirt cheap these days.

Number 4

Killer Instinct


I will admit that I am not a huge fan of the pricing model of this game, but if you pick up Killer Instinct Season 1 from a store, you have all you need to have some one on one fighting fun. First of all I cannot believe that it took Microsoft so long to do something with the Killer Instinct license, but this is just such a well-made fighting game. To start with it looks incredible, but the actual fighting is very deep and it does force you to really spend some quality time with it in order to not just learn the basics, but learn how to be good at the game. This is a challenging fighting game, but it is just so rewarding when you hit a huge combo or even when you manage to land a combo breaking, turn the tables and put a real beating on your opponent.

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Number 3

Dead Rising 3


Talk about forgotten games!!!! Dead Rising 3 was the biggest launch game for the Xbox One. It was a game that most people I knew who picked up an Xbox One bought at launch. But for some reason Dead Rising 3 just sort of died off and no one pays it any attention anymore. I had a lot of fun killing zombies in the most gruesome and ridiculous manor possible. To be honest I do think that the story of Dead Rising 2 was a little bit better, but Dead Rising 3 is still a fantastic game and a game that you can pick up pretty cheaply now as well so there is no excuse not to have this in your Xbox One collection.

Number 2

Sunset Overdrive


This was a huge Xbox One exclusive for the holiday season in 2014 and it still remains one of my favorite games on the console. If you are looking for a deep and meaningful gaming experience then look elsewhere. Sunset Overdrive is just all about kicking mutant ass and having one hell of a fun time in the process. The humor I know is not for everyone, but this is just such a riot to play through and the game is so well made that even weeks after I finished it I would find myself going back to it and just running around having some fun for half an hour here and there. If you are looking for a game that is just all about balls to the wall fun then this is it….. I just kind of wish I had bought the sexy, white Xbox One that came out with this game last year.

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Number 1

Halo: The Master Chief Collection


This is one of the best deals in the history of gaming!!!! Halo: The Master Chief Collection offers you the first four games from the Halo saga. All four of these games are sci-fi epics and playing through them again has been one of the biggest highlights of this console generation. To have the whole saga in one package and for the price of a regular retail game is just crazy. The real star of this collection is Halo 2. Not only in its own right is this one of the best games in the Halo series, but it has also been re-mastered. This is one of the best remasters of a game I have ever seen, Halo 2 has had just so much work put into it in order to make it feel and look like a brand new Xbox One game that it is crazy… especially when you consider it is part of this collection and not just sold on its own. If you have an Xbox One then you simply must have this in your collection.