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The Last Of Us 2…. Is It Or Isn’t It?


I think that The Last Of Us is one of the greatest stories ever told in a video game. The story of Joel and Ellie was nothing short of breath taking. It was one of the greatest pieces of work that Naughty Dog have done. It was critically acclaimed and it sold very well, first of all on the Playstation 3 and then again on the Playstation 4 as The Last Of Us Re-mastered.


The Last Of Us is one of the most fascinating games for me to talk to people about as it seems to have such polarizing opinions. I am not talking about if the game is good or not as for the most part it is  a game that people seem to love, but if Joel did the right thing at the end of the game POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD!………………………… Anyway I find that people who have kids tend to agree with what Joel did as he grew to love Ellie like his own daughter and would do anything to protect her. And those who do not have kids, despite his heroics during the game, see him as something of a selfish asshole who only saved her because he did not want to be alone. No matter what side you are on, The Last Of Us was so well written and acted that you could not help, but have a real strong connection to Joel and Ellie and have a strong opinion on the events of the game.


Well this week thanks to two of the actors of the game we have had conflicting reports as to whether or not The Last Of Us 2 is in production. With how much of a huge hit the first game was it would be very surprising if there was not a Last Of Us 2 in development to be honest. Sony need all the exclusives they can get and a new Last Of Us game would sure as hell be a big seller for them and possibly a system seller as well!



First of all earlier in the week legendary voice actor, Nolan North who has voiced so many characters over the years that it is hard to keep track! But he is best known for his work as Nathan Drake in  Naughty Dog’s, Uncharted series (with Uncharted 4 due out in the somewhat near future)he played the role of the creepy and actually pretty damn evil villain, David in the original Last Of Us. Anyway, North said during an interview that he knew Naughty Dog were working on The Last Of Us 2. With what happened to David in the first Last Of Us, Nolan North would have to be playing a new character in the sequel if he is to be in the game and…….. if he is right.

Just a few days later actor, Troy Baker who portrayed Joel in original Last Of Us, said that he had no clue if there was another game in the series planned. He also said that he trusted the guys behind the game to make a truly fantastic game. His whole interview had kind of a cryptic feel to it so perhaps he is just being coy on the whole situation and does not want to spoil the surprise, perhaps The Last Of Us 2 will feature all new characters and maybe there is not even a Last Of Us 2 currently in development!