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Good Bye Club Nintendo (A Mini Rant On How It Ended!)


In the USA, Club Nintendo closed its doors on, the 2nd of July, but they did say that until the end of July any downloadable codes you have got, but have not got round to redeeming are still valid so be sure to use them sooner than later. Also anyone who ordered any physical items the last few weeks will still have them sent to them, but yes that is it, Club Nintendo is no more and we are all waiting to see what they have to replace it.


Now I am from the UK and our Club Nintendo store is open until September, but that is something that is actually really grinding my gears! I have been a long-time supporter of Club Nintendo. I would always save up my points to get something really cool and exclusive to Club Nintendo. It was a fun way for being rewarded for buying Nintendo games. One really cool thing about, Club Nintendo points would be when you would buy a used game and there would still be points in there. I have a whole bunch of really cool little items on my shelves that I have scored from Club Nintendo over the years and I am sure I will keep them for many years to come.


Anyway we have known for months that Club Nintendo was coming to an end as a matter of fact for most of 2015 no Nintendo items here in the UK have come with any Club Nintendo points….. which considering the Club Nintendo store is actually open for most of 2015 is bloody ridiculous. The New 3DS came out in February, but had no points in it!!!!! They really could not have kept given us points until say June?

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The worst thing though for me was that Nintendo was making sure to keep me informed that Club Nintendo was ending by sending me (and everyone) else emails about how Club Nintendo was ending and that any points we had when it ended would be lost. Well I like most other people panicked and decided to spend the points rather than risk losing them. I mean no new stuff had been added to Club Nintendo for what felt like ages so it seemed like what they had now was going to be all that was available until the end…….. only for the last couple of months they have added all kinds of cool physical items!!!!!!  A Captain Toad light and a Majoras Mask light being two of the things I would have loved….. and been able to afford with the points that I had! Why add new things to the store when you have told people to spend all their points weeks before????? It really made me mad that I spent the points I had been saving for something cool because, Nintendo told me that I needed to before the store closed and then weeks after those emails they add a whole host of new things. Could they not have said in their emails something like “do not panic we will be adding all kinds of cool stuff up until the store closes!” that is all it would have taken .


So while I have managed to get some very nice items from Club Nintendo the last few months have really soured me on the whole thing. I just hope what they have planned next is going to be something pretty awesome. Also I think that those of us who bought things like a New 3D, Kirby and Yoshi’s Wooly World to name a few should be entitled to get some kind of points for whatever this new thing they have is!