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The Top Five Nintendo Wii U Exclusive Games


We have already covered the top five Xbox One and Playstation 4 games, but this one right here is going to be the toughest. Yes it is shaping up to look like the Nintendo Wii U will be the worst selling Nintendo console ever…… but the Nintendo Wii U has the best line up of this current console generation. The amount of amazing exclusive games that are on the Wii U is staggering and narrowing it down to just five……. And then putting them in order is going to one a tough, but fun challenge. Anyway I give you the top five Nintendo Wii U games!

Number 5

Super Smash Brow Wii U


Super Smash Bros Wii U offers some of the best fighting the Super Smash Bros series has ever had! Not only that the selection of characters, stages and just general fan service is through the freaking roof. Game play wise I do not think a great deal has been added to Super Smash Bros Wii U if I am honest and the single player mode is greatly lacking from what Brawl offered with its awesome, Subspace Embassy mode. But this is still a wonderful game and one of the very best multi player experiences you can get on the Wii U. Had there been a proper single player story then it would have been higher on my list………. Oh and this is the game that started the whole Amiibo craze as well!

Number 4

Hyrule Warriors


Ok so this is not a Legend Of Zelda game it is a Dynasty Warriors game with a lick of Zelda paint…… but I really do not care! Hyrule Warriors is just all about having a fun time. The battles that you take part in are just amazing. You have a crazy amount of characters, each with their own weapons and upgrades to unlock and there is a number of different game modes. Seriously the amount of game modes that are in Hyrule Warriors is just crazy and there has been some very well priced DLC released that expands it even more! If you are a Legend Of Zelda fan then I have no doubt that you will have a great time with this. Even if you are not that into the Zelda series, the hack and slash action that Hyrule Warriors offers will keep you very entertained.

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Number 3

Bayonetta 1 & 2


Ok so putting these two games together is kind of cheating, but hey they were sold as a double pack! Anyway these are two of the best games of this current gen. Yes Bayonetta was released on other platforms, but the added (and kind of creepy…. but in a sexy way) Nintendo costumes and little bit of polish it was given make it the best version you can get. Bayonetta 2  is one of the best sequels to come along in years and it will forever be a Nintendo exclusive! The game is crazy, over the top, but above all else it is just such a fun experience. It is the kind of game where you will say “just one more level” and still be playing about two hours later!

Number 2

Super Mario 3D World


Not only does this make the list of my top five Wii U games, but Super Mario 3D World would make my list of greatest Mario games! This is just so much fun and offers both an awesome single player and multi-player gaming experience. Taking what made the 3DS game, Super Mario 3D Land so great, Mario 3D World expands on that in pretty much every way. The game looks amazing, has a great sound track, awesome power ups, classic Mario charm and it has that perfect balance of being able to beat the game not being that hard, but if you want to get all those stars then man you are in for one tough time! No Wii U collection is complete without this game.

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Number 1

Mario Kart 8


If there is one game that should be legally required to own if you have a Wii U then it is Mario Kart 8! This game is epic in every sense of the word. It by a mile is the best looking Mario Kart game ever made and the track selection is out of this world. Nintendo released some amazing DLC for this game that took down the Mario walls a little bit by bringing The Legend Of Zelda and Animal Crossing into the mix. As good as the game looks and as amazing as the sound track is it is the game play that makes Mario Kart 8 a game people will still be playing years from now. This is the fairest and most fun Mario Kart game I have ever played. Sure, you still will get screwed over from time to time, but it is far less frequent here than it was in previous games.