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Read Dead 3 Wish List


Released on the original Xbox and Playstation 2, Read Dead Revolver from Rockstar was a pretty fun game, but when you say Read Dead the first thing that comes into most people’s minds will be no doubt be the epic, Red Dead Redemption which was released on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. One of the greatest games of all time and I would go as far to say the best game Rockstar have ever made. It is hard to think what Rockstar could do in order to make a better game, but I am going to give it a go and say what I would like to see in Red Dead 3 or if you prefer, Red Dead Redemption 2.

No John Marston


Playing as John Marston and going through his…… well redemption into trying to become a good man will be a gaming memory that sticks with me forever. The story was the games strongest point and something I have played through multiple times. John Marston is one of gaming’s greatest characters……. But I want him nowhere near a new Read Dead game! His story was epic, but his story came to a close…. A logical close that made sense and as much as I loved playing as John Marston I would rather a whole new story and not a prequel.

A Merry Band Of Men


I will admit that when I heard Grand Theft Auto V was going to make you play as multiple characters I thought it sounded horrible….. but man, Rockstar just nailed it perfectly not just in the game play, but in the story telling as well. There was a reason that these three characters were brought together and their interactions were all believable. I think playing a gang of cowboys, outlaws or even badass lawmen of the West would be really cool. Especially with how good Rockstar are at making great characters.



Train heists are a huge part of many classic Westerns and you got to sample it a little bit in the last Red Dead game. Looking to Grand Theft Auto V for inspiration here, the heists were one of my favorite parts of the game and something I would love to see put into Red Dead Redemption 2. I am not just talking train heists either, but robbing banks, saloons and even whore houses! I think this would be a lot of fun and would enable Rockstar to keep adding heists into the game for ages after the game has been released. I also think that in multi-player, heists would make for a very fun game mode with each player having their own role to play in order to pull off the heist.

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A Huge World


Ok so the Wild West that was in Red Dead Redemption was not exactly small, but man I would love a an even larger world! The actual locations of Red Dead Redemption would be really cool to be brought back, but just make them bigger with smaller towns and settlements in between the larger places. Exploring the vast Wild West and even going further up North and taking on bears and other kinds of crazy animals was a lot of fun. Not a lot needs to be change just make it bigger and better and people will go crazy for it!

Refine The Hunting


I loved hunting down and killing animals (man that really does make me sound like a potential serial killer doesn’t it!) I would spend ages up North in Red Dead Redemption taking down bears, deer’s and anything else that was unfortunate enough to come my way….. but man I hated the whole “collecting flowers” aspect of the last game. To be honest when that is my only complaint on the last game it sounds a bit trivial, but I would love to see that gone completely and more animals added. Also I think instead of just selling the animal skins that being able to use the things you find to actually craft your own gear would be pretty cool.

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Cowboys Vs Aliens


Undead Nightmare the zombie filled DLC add on to Red Dead Redemption was one of the craziest and most fun adventures I have ever been on! And I would love to see something similar return, but I think instead of zombies, aliens would be really cool. Especially if these cowboys were able to get their hands on some alien tech!