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New Destiny The Taken King Themed PS4 Is Really Cool


Man I did not think it was going to be possible for Sony to top that epic, Batman Arkham Knight Playstation 4 console that was released a couple of weeks back, but wow this new Destiny themed console is sure as hell giving it a run for its money in the “coolest console” competition!


Fans of Destiny have been pretty hyped the last few weeks with the impending release of the third expansion pack, The Taken King. Now yes there has been some “controversy” over the whole pricing and release of the pack, but I think Bungie at the very least have tried to make things right…… anyway we are not hear to talk about that today we are here to check out this sweet Playstation 4 console.


The Destiny Playstation 4 console has a really nice, white marble effect to it with an emblem right in the middle of console. This is going to be one console that you will want to have out on a desk somewhere as it really is too nice to be hidden away on a shelf or under your TV in an entertainment centre. On the normal, black Playstation 4 console I think the light on the console is kind of pointless, but on here when that light is blue it gives it a really cool effect. Now the one thing that I have found very surprising about this console and is really the only thumbs down that I have to give is the hard drive…… it is only the standard 500 gb! Surely Sony could have hooked people up with at least a 1 TB hard drive which looks to be the standard for Playstation 4 and Xbox One in the coming year. I just find it odd that with a special edition console like this they would just include the standard hard drive.


The controller that comes with this set is a nice white controller that looks just so damn cool. The black touch pad……. Which by the way is the main reason we have yet to get some fair priced third party controllers for the Playstation 4 and Sony have a monopoly on the controller market for the PS4! Anyway the touch pad actually looks really cool on this controller, sure most games will barely make any use of it, but it is cool to have and it really stands out on this controller.

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Of course this special, Destiny Playstation 4 comes with a copy of Destiny the two previously released expansion packs and will also have, The Taken King with it. As well as this, you get bumped up to the Digital Collector’s Edition which gets you a whole lot of cool in game stuff such as three exotic guardian class items to use and a whole host of other cool items that will give you an advantage in battle. By far the coolest aspect of this is that you will be getting a physical copy of the game with the console which is something that Xbox does not do when they give a game with a console so I am very pleased that Sony do this.

Sony have been just knocking it out of the park with their special edition Playstation 4 consoles and this one right here is one of the very best and if you are a hardcore Destiny fan then you will want to pick it up when it is released this September.