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Top Five TV Shows That Would Make Good Games


Hey guys a bit of a slow day in the world of gaming today. So I thought today we would have a little bit of fun looking at some of my favorite TV shows that I think would make for fun video games. Now some of these have had mobile games based on them, but I am talking about full on console, PC style games. So please put down the remote and enjoy my Top Five TV Shows That Would Make Good Games!

Number 5

Parks & Recreation


I am starting this list off with the weirdest idea I have and that is a game based on the best comedy of the last decade, Parks & Recreation. Man I loved this show! And making a game based on a show that is all about the parks department I know sounds like it would never work in a million years, but I think a sim city style game where you play as Leslie having to keep the city of Pawnee up and running, but with all the humor of the show would be a lot of fun. You could have some cool mini games where you get to play as Andy, April, Tom and the rest of the cool characters as well. I know this would be a long shot, but with the right developer I think a game like this could be a hell of a lot of fun.

Number 4

Regular Show


I am kind of cheating here as there is actually a pretty fun series of games on the iOS and a Regular Show game for the Nintendo 3DS, but that game while fun is as bare bones and “cheap” a game as you could possibly get. Regular Show is insane and it is just full of awesome 80’s and 90’s references (they play video games on a Sega Master System for Christ sake!) and I think the humor of the show would work in some kind of action platform style game very well. The 3DS game played well enough, but was just so half assed and had next to none of the humor or charm that the show has. Regular Show is one of the best animated shows that Cartoon Network have ever made and I think it is a damn shame that all we have is a bunch of games for mobile devices and one 3DS game! Regular Show needs to be on  console damn it!

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Number 3



I loved the Netflix, DareDevil TV series and I know thanks to Disney Infinity the chances of this happening are next to none, but I would love for an ultra-violent, gritty and kind of realistic type of DareDevil game. A similar kind of tone to what the Punisher game had on Playstation 2 many years ago. DareDevil would make for a more brutal and ass kicking type of Arkham Knight game. The next series of the show will have characters like Elektra and Punisher involved so things are going to bet even more bloody and there will be even more broken bones. DareDevil just has all the ingredients for something that would make an excellent video game. You would even have some lawyer sections similar to the Ace Attorney series…….. ok so maybe that is going too far.

Number 2

Teen Titans Go


I have another Cartoon Network show for you guys here! There was a fantastic Teen Titans game released for the Playstation 2, Xbox and Game Cube back in the mid 00’s. It was a 3rd person action game that followed the show very well and you know what….. I want that exact same kind of experience, but based on Teen Titans Go. I know that the humor of Teen Titans Go is not for everyone, but I love it and I think it would work very well as a four player type of game. If they did not want to go full 3D like the last Teen Titans game then I think a Teen Titans Go game similar to something like Castle Crashers would work very well.

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Number 1



“ Carry On My Wayward Son” If there is a TV show that is just tailor made to be a video game then it is Supernatural. About to enter its 11th season this is one of my favorite TV shows of all time! You have two incredible main characters in Dean and Sam Winchester and just a whole host of incredible monsters, demons and enemies for them to come up against in a game. Part of what would make this such a great idea for a video game is that, Supernatural would work as a variety of different types of game. Of course the most obvious one is some kind of 3rd person action game based on one of the seasons of the show. But I think in the hands of a developer like Tell Tale games the people who make The Walking Dead games. That Supernatural would also work very well as a point and click style adventure game.