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Epic Games Announces HUGE Payout (Fortnite And More!)

Fortnite has taken the gaming industry by storm. Millions of people play the game daily and purchase thousands of V-bucks. Therefore, it is really no surprise to hear that EpicGames has tons of money to invest in eSports. Yep, that’s right. eSports. My last Fortnite article spoke about a game mode called the Solo Showdown […]

Microsoft is Paying Attention to Disabled Gamers

All attention was on Microsoft a few days ago when they revealed the Xbox adaptive controller. This new adaptive controller gives disabled players a comfortable and accessible way to play games without having to spend a fortune. It retails for about $99.99, significantly less than the $149.99 elite controller. The elite controller was the only […]

What We’ve Heard About Kingdom Hearts 3 So Far

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been one of the most anticipated games of the past decade. Kingdom Hearts 2 was initially released on December 22, 2005. People have been waiting ever since for the main storyline to be continued. Since then, players have seen spin-off games such as Birth By Sleep, Re:Coded, 358/2 Days and remasters […]

Is Kemono Mahjong The App For You?

Kemono Mahjong, developed by Cyberdog Software, is an interesting android/ios game with a very strategic edge that separates itself from other mahjong games. If you’ve ever played classic mahjong where you match tiles together in an attempt to clear the board completely, you’ll be surprised. Kemono Mahjong is nothing like that. This game features a […]

The Last of Us 2: Everything You Need To Know So Far

The announcement of The Last of Us 2 sent the internet spiraling. The Last of Us is an award-winning game with an incredibly deep narrative focus. Players found themselves attached to the unlikely duo. Joel, a father who longed for something he had lost long ago and Ellie, a young and tenacious girl whose destiny […]

Fortnite’s 4.1 Update Brings Big Fun

      Fortnite is a game that has soared to the top of people’s list of most played games. It is hard not to be enthused about the colorful and cartoony battle royale style game that wows players at the very affordable price of free. It is the source of many new trends for […]

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