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The Last of Us 2: Everything You Need To Know So Far

The announcement of The Last of Us 2 sent the internet spiraling. The Last of Us is an award-winning game with an incredibly deep narrative focus. Players found themselves attached to the unlikely duo. Joel, a father who longed for something he had lost long ago and Ellie, a young and tenacious girl whose destiny was bigger than the place she had found herself in. It is no wonder with the announcement of a sequel that people cannot stop talking about one of the most well-written zombie games of our time.

The Protagonist is a Beloved Face

I can sit here and tell you how great The Last of Us is all day, but it would serve you better to experience all the game has to offer on your own. Longtime fans of the first game will be thrilled to know that Ellie is taking over as protagonist this time around. Naughty Dog has taken a very similar theme (lost girl and her resilient father figure turned hardened grown-up girl and her seemingly less present fatherly counterpart) that we see from another popular zombie game-Tellatale’s The Walking Dead.  We’ll have to wait for the full game to see just how close of a line these two games walk.


The ending of The Last of Us was one of the more earth-shattering ones from modern gaming. It left players with more questions than answers and a feeling of uncertainty, regret, and in some cases awe. While players may be eager to jump right into where we left off, The Last of Us 2 takes place five years after the events of the first game. Ellie is now 19 years old and much more adjusted to the harsh realities of the world she lives in. In the first teaser trailer, Ellie is strumming a powerfully haunting tune on a guitar, all the while the world around her is crumbling. The teaser was short but satisfying. Viewers got to see that the game’s narrative would be both gritty and dark, yet still, point to a much deeper look at the characters.


There Will Be New Characters

Naughty Dog has introduced new characters in a trailer at Paris Games Week. Besides the grueling cut-scenes we’ve seen, not much is known about these new faces. We also don’t know how many more will be introduced. The inclusion of new characters shows us Ellie and Joel moving on passed the life we knew them to have. The writer of the series, Neil Druckmann, has confirmed that part 1 and part 2 are very closely linked. While these two stories are meant to complement each other, when held together they create a much larger story. We’ll finally be seeing the bigger picture. My guess is that it will be all about what’s really at stake in this zombie-ridden world.


The story of The Last of Us 2 is supposed to take place mostly in Seattle. What that means, for now, is still vague, but it’s a starting point. We know that if it’s mostly in Seattle that Ellie (and possibly Joel) will be traveling a bit of distance. On a more concrete note, the game’s narrative is not only being worked on by Neil Druckmann as the first game was, but famed writer Halley Gross who has worked on Westworld (one of the biggest television shows on the market today) has joined the team. On top of all this, Druckmann has drawn our attention to better-rendered characters. This means the graphics will be even more stunning than in its predecessor.


The Composer From The Last of Us  is Returning

What more I can say is that for those of you who loved the sound and music of the first game, you’re in for a treat. Gustavo Santaolalla composed the songs for the first game and will continue to do so for this upcoming game as well. Apparently, Mr. Santaolalla works on the projects that move him. He’s never worked on a sequel before- until now. That speaks volumes about the quality of the Last of Us 2.


Naughty Dog has been tight-lipped about both the release date of the game and the gameplay itself. Though, we know it will be released for PS4 exclusively. The studio has confirmed that Ellie’s play style is different from Joel’s in the past game. Whether this is a good thing or bad thing is yet to be seen. Naughty Dog has said that they will be at E3 this year (which is in a month’s time!). It is confirmed that they will be talking about The Last of Us 2.


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