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3 Games to Keep an Eye On After E3 2018

  After E3 2018, the Internet is abuzz with commentary, reaction videos, trailers and gaming news. I sifted through a ton of trailers to present to you some of the top games talked about at E3 2018. Here are three games that you should be keeping an eye on. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Fallout 76: Lore and More

Fans of the popular Fallout franchise have been waiting for the announcement of the next installment of the series. Just a few days before the famed video game expo E3, Bethesda teased the world with a short Fallout 76 trailer. Not too much information was given about game-play or the release date, but it did let players know that the newest […]

God of War: Is it Worth a buy?

Is God of War already accumulating dust in your shelf? Not my case. I recently got God of War for PlayStation 4 and, although I have not started playing yet, by a few gameplay I found online (check out the video below), it looks amazing.