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Where is Waluigi? From Mario Tennis to Smash Brothers

Waluigi is perhaps one of Nintendo’s most famous underdogs. I consider him an underdog because he doesn’t ever really get the spotlight. He is forever in the shadow of his companion Wario. Wario has gotten his own spin-off games in the past including, Wario Land, WarioWare, and Game and Wario. But, where is Waluigi’s game? Sure, you can make the argument that the sidekick never really gets their own game but even Luigi has his own game:  Luigi’s Mansion.

Waluigi first debuted in 2000 in the game Mario Tennis as a rival to Luigi. Since then, he’s garnered a huge following. Luigi’s rival is a meme superstar and his image is spread across the internet like wildfire. So, it’s strange that in 2018 the misunderstood villain doesn’t have his own spin-off. Where is Waluigi’s mansion?

Waluigi has shown up as a playable character in almost all of Mario’s sports installments, in the Mario Party series, and in a few Mario Kart games. Though, in Nintendo’s massive crossover series, Smash Brothers, he has only ever been an assist trophy. With the announcement of Super Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, the largest in the franchise, fans are confused and even a little hurt. Waluigi has not been upgraded from an assist trophy to a playable character.


A New Fighter Has Appeared! (But it isn’t Waluigi)

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate boasts an impressive roster, including all playable characters from previous installments and a few new faces like the highly desired Ridley from Metroid. The trailer proudly exclaims that “Everyone is Here.” Well, everyone but poor Waluigi. It seems strange that while Luigi, Wario and now even Daisy are playable characters, that Waluigi is missing.

As if to put salt on the burn, in Nintendo’s Direct at E3, Waluigi is shown as an assist trophy being knocked out. While this is to show the new mechanics, it also confirms that if Waluigi is an assist trophy, he certainly isn’t a playable character. There has been a petition floating around, but it’s unclear if the game’s developers will change their plans. Chances though, seem highly unlikely.

That leaves us to wonder if Waluigi is so popular why is he always left out in the dark? Come on Nintendo, give him his own game! I think the poor guy has earned it.

If you want your Waluigi fix, you can find him in Mario Tennis Aces that came out for the Switch just a few days ago. What do you think about all of this? Let us know in the comments below.