A New Fighter Appears! Everything You Need to Know About the New Smash Brothers Game

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is the game that many Nintendo fans have always wanted. The Smash Brothers franchise is a fighting game like no other. Many of Nintendo’s most iconic characters come together on one screen to battle it out. At E3 2018, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate was officially announced for the Nintendo Switch. It is a new addition to the franchise and not merely a Wii U port as some have speculated.

The Roster:

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate contains every single character from past installments, as well as new ones. That’s right, every single character including DLC fighters will be on the game’s roster. This news alone is enough to excite any fan of the game. Fans will see a return of characters like young Link and Wolf.

Nintendo has also announced some new characters that will be joining the gang. The first is Ridley, Samus’ rival. In the past, developers have denied Ridley entry into the game because of the sheer size of his character. But now, Nintendo has decided to make it work because their fans have been clamoring for this inclusion into the game for years. Ridley has incredibly powerful moves, including high damage dealing special move.

Another character that has been announced is from the highly favorite game, Splatoon. Players will be able to control an Inkling and shoot ink to their hearts content. The Inkling can use the Splat Roller, the Splatter Shot, and the Splat Bomb. A fun addition is the inclusion of ink depletion which will show when the Inkling has used too much ink to continue fighting. Because there are so many designs for the little guy, you will be able to choose from a multitude of costumes.

Character Improvements:

We will not simply be obtaining a port of old characters. No, Nintendo has improved upon each and every character whether it be by changing their design or their powers. Players will now be able to use a female Pokémon trainer alongside the male. The Pokémon trainer will be able to switch between Pokémon no matter where they are, including mid-air.

Link and Zelda will be getting new looks. The version of Zelda players will be getting in Smash Brothers Ultimate will be her design from the 3DS title A Link Between Worlds. She will also have an entirely new final smash. Link, on the other hand, will be based on his Breath of the Wild design. With this design, he will have a particular move set and weapons to reflect the favorite Switch game. The game will also include female Pikachu for the first time with a heart-shaped tail.

Nintendo goes more into detail with everything they’ve improved (including move sets and character designs) for each character in this video.

Other Changes:

There is also the addition of Echo Fighters which takes care of the issue of clone fighters.  A clone fighter is another version of the character that receives their standalone version as opposed to being a costume. Now, Princess Daisy will be an Echo Fighter to Princess Peach. Developers have said that she will have her own unique move set but not much else is known about these Echo Fighters. Hopefully, more will be announced soon.

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate also introduces some minor changes that fans have been wanting for quite a while. Characters like Cloud who have moves like the Limit Break will have the bar shown at the bottom of the UI for easy viewing. Players will be able to see more clearly the items that the villager has pocketed. Powerful moves like the Falcon Punch will show a cinematic when used in a one-on-one fight. Fans are also seeing changes to the final smash for each character. The final smash will become more cinematic and much faster.

Additionally, players will be able to knock out some assist trophies, earning them a point for the kill! Assist trophies are better known as summons to the average player. Some assist trophies will remain unbeatable, like the Nintendog. Or, the super cool new addition Bomberman!

New Stages and Game Modes?

Like the roster, Smash Brothers Ultimate will include every single stage from past installments and will be adding some new ones as well. Some stages will be getting an Omega form. The Omega form of a stage minimizes in the map so that players can enjoy a game without too much going on at once.

Nintendo themselves haven’t mentioned anything about new game modes or previous game modes being included in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. But it is safe to assume that because the game encompasses all of the franchise it will at least have some returning game modes. Nintendo has announced that the game will be compatible with all Smash series amiibos and classic Nintendo GameCube controllers! Talk about a throwback.

Super Smash Brothers ultimate is set to come out on December 7, 2018, a few weeks before the holidays. Is this a game that is on your list? Are there any other fighters that you would like to see announced next? Let us know in the comments below.

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