Fortnite’s 4.1 Update Brings Big Fun




Fortnite is a game that has soared to the top of people’s list of most played games. It is hard not to be enthused about the colorful and cartoony battle royale style game that wows players at the very affordable price of free. It is the source of many new trends for casual and dedicated gamers alike. So, with Fortnite’s skyrocketing popularity, it is no shock at all that Epic games has taken advantage of the hype for their game and the box office smash hit Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War. Marvel and Epic Games have teamed up in a collaboration that seems to have shocked players around the world.

In their 4.1 update, Epic Games released a new solo game mode called the Infinity Gauntlet. Players are thrust into a quick paced battle for survival. The catch? Thanos, the villain from Marvel’s most popular movie to date, is in the heat of the battle and player controlled. Players are ushered into a bus at the start of the game and are prompted to jump into the game world. This time, the circle is already laid out for the player. A comet is dropped somewhere in the circle, and a gauntlet comes into play. Whichever player finds the gauntlet becomes the powerful Thanos. Thanos drops the gauntlet once he is killed and someone else can pick it up, transforming into the powerhouse themselves.





Thanos boasts a hefty 200 shield and 700 health along with a super jump ability and laser attack that deals 12 damage. Interestingly enough, when the update first launched players complained that Thanos was actually too powerful and tough to beat. Epic Games responded and changed the original specs of 300 shield, 800 health, and 15 laser damage to appease their fan base. As powerful as Thanos still is, he can be taken down, and the last man standing can very well be an average player without the perks of the gauntlet. Though, this is challenging when Thanos’ shield is replenished completely by a kill and partially by damaging an opponent.

Fortnite’s charm perhaps lies in the storm that forces players to meet within a certain radius. The storm damages any player outside of the circle on the map. That means that essentially, at one point or another, players will be forced to face off. This game mode is no different. The storm is still in play, but this time in a much more devastating way. Normally the storm gradually takes down the player’s health depending on how many times the circle has decreased. In the Infinity Gauntlet, the circle does 5 damage right off the bat. This forces players to confront Thanos head on.

Fear not, for the weapon drops in this mode are much more impressive than in the standard game modes. The chances of getting a rare weapon are much higher. In fact, I scored one of the game’s most sought out weapons, a golden scar, in my first chest. The only drawback to this is that the competition is much steeper.  Getting killed by a single shot is much easier when everyone has a legendary weapon.





My Tips:

Players are forced to follow the circle or risk being killed in the storm, making this an extremely fast-paced game. Grab what weapons you can and don’t forget to drink that full shield. There will be more loot the closer you get to Thanos because chances are a lot of people have died and dropped theirs.  Don’t get distracted by Thanos! Whoever is closest to Thanos when he dies will be able to get the gauntlet. If your goal is to become Thanos, you’ll need to get up close and personal. If you just want the glory, hang a bit back and take down the other players while they fight Thanos. Then, you can run in and take down the villain yourself.

Epic Games has not let players know when this game mode will end but have confirmed that it is indeed for a limited time. Normally, in Fortnite new game modes last for only about a week. But since this is Epic Games’ first crossover with an established brand, the collaboration could last a bit longer.

Have you played this game mode? What do you think of it? What do you think this collaboration means for Epic Games and Fortnite in the future? Do you have any tips for players? Let us know in the comments below.


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