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The Battle For Cross-play: Who is in the Lead?

In one of my previous articles, I talked about Sony’s crummy cross-play policy. Basically, Sony has blocked cross play with Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on three popular multiplayer games: Rocket League, Minecraft, and Fortnite (the game which brought the most attention to this debate). This time around, I’m going to be talking about the other contenders. So, for more information about Sony, check out my previous article here.

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A New Fighter Appears! Everything You Need to Know About the New Smash Brothers Game

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is the game that many Nintendo fans have always wanted. The Smash Brothers franchise is a fighting game like no other. Many of Nintendo’s most iconic characters come together on one screen to battle it out. At E3 2018, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate was officially announced for the Nintendo Switch. It is a new addition to the franchise and not merely a Wii U port as some have speculated.

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Sony Under Fire for Fortnite Cross-Play Issues

Sony is facing heavy fire from players for not allowing Nintendo Switch and PS4 cross-play of the popular free to play game Fortnite Battle Royale.

During the week of E3, Epic Games hosted a live stream event called the Celebrity Pro-Am which I briefly spoke about in a previous article. Popular Fortnite streamers and celebrities paired up to play a game of duos for charity. Almost every single commercial break featured the same prominent headline. Fortnite is now available to be played on Nintendo Switch. This news excited many players who use the Nintendo Switch as their primary console. Players were delighted that they could take Fortnite on the go and not have to suffer from the poor graphics quality and controls offered on mobile devices.

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Fallout 76: Lore and More

Fans of the popular Fallout franchise have been waiting for the announcement of the next installment of the series. Just a few days before the famed video game expo E3, Bethesda teased the world with a short Fallout 76 trailer. Not too much information was given about game-play or the release date, but it did let players know that the newest fallout game would be taking place in one of the series’ most interesting vaults.

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