Good Bye Club Nintendo (A Mini Rant On How It Ended!)

In the USA, Club Nintendo closed its doors on, the 2nd of July, but they did say that until the end of July any downloadable codes you have got, but have not got round to redeeming are still valid so be sure to use them sooner than later. Also anyone who ordered any physical items […]

Thoughts On The Nintendo NX

At this year’s E3, Reggie did say that there would be more information released on the next Nintendo console which is so far just codenamed, Nintendo NX during 2016. It is not surprising that in a lab somewhere, people are working on the next console, but to come out and talk about it under three […]

The Best Of Nintendo – E3 2015

Hey guys, E3 has been over for a little over a day as I write this and I am still trying to process all of the really cool stuff that we saw. I have already told you what impressed me with Sony and Microsoft and today I want to share what impressed me from Nintendo’s […]

Donkey Kong & Bowser Are In Skylanders

Talk about out of nowhere announcements at E3 2015!!!! Skylanders is a yearly franchise we all know that and it was pretty clear that there would be some kind of Skylanders announcement at E3. Most of us just assumed that it would be a few new characters that would be shown or maybe some new […]

More Sonic Boom On The Way in 2015

Ok so who is the person who asked for more Sonic Boom? Well I have to be honest it was probably my son. He loves Sonic The Hedgehog and Sega could slap a picture of Sonic on a turd and he would want it. Anyway despite, Sonic Boom being the worst selling Sonic game in […]

Skylanders Superchargers Coming September 2015!

Activision have revealed that this September will see the fifth game in their hugely popular Skylanders series, Skylanders Superchargers be released. Skylanders has been a huge hit for Activision’s and responsible for the boom in the “toys to life” genre of games. Skylanders: Spyros Adventure, Skylanders Giants, Skylanders: Swap Force and last years, Skylanders: Trap […]

Nintendo Announce They Will Have Five Smartphone Games!

Nintendo president,  Satoru Iwata at a recent investor meeting said that by March 2017 there will be at least five Nintendo based games for Smartphones. Nintendo have said that they are going to be serious about getting into the Smartphone gaming business. While no major details have been announced we do know that one of […]