New Destiny The Taken King Themed PS4 Is Really Cool

Man I did not think it was going to be possible for Sony to top that epic, Batman Arkham Knight Playstation 4 console that was released a couple of weeks back, but wow this new Destiny themed console is sure as hell giving it a run for its money in the “coolest console” competition!

Free Game Giveaway!

Free Game – That’s right! We said FREE. Every month Gamer’s Town will run a giveaway. This month, from 2/26/2015 to 3/26/2015, we will be giving away a free game – ‘Destiny’ for PlayStation 4 console. 

Destiny Hidden Codes

As a Destiny player I like to have a cool shader for the armor of my guardian. Also who doesn’t like a cool emblem to display your PSN Tag or XBL Tag in. Here are some codes that you can be redeemed on using you linked account. Just head over to and get the free stuff.