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No Man’s Sky Preview

One game that I think is going to make many Playstation 4 owners happy later this year (hopefully) is No Man’s Sky. This is an incredible space exploration adventure and something that I am very excited for. Today I am giving you guys a few reasons why this is a game that should be on […]

Star Wars Battlefront Preview!!!!

I love Star Wars and Star Wars Battlefront is one of my most anticipated games of 2015. That epic, E3 2015 trailer showing that mind blowing battle on Hoth just made me want the game even more. What is weird about my…… well what is becoming an obsession with Star Wars Battlefront is that I […]

Doom 4 First Impressions

I never had a PC as a kid, but a kid I knew at school did and I would be so interested when he would talk about this game called Doom! It was not until Doom was released on the Super Nintendo that I got into the game of course we all know now how […]