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Top 5 Mario Kart Games

I have been a fan of the Mario Kart series since I went to my friend Steven’s house one day back in 1993 and he had, Super Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo and his parents had to force me to leave as it was getting late! Since then I have been hooked on the […]

Top 5 Worst Video Games Based On Movies

Top 5 Worst Video Games Based On Movies These days it seems like when a big new movie is coming out there is some crappy app that sees you needing to match three things in a row or play some kind of card game to tie in with it. Before this there was the tie […]

Top 5 Lego Games

Top 5 Lego Games Lego Dimensions is due out later this year and my son could not be any more excited. To tell the truth the Lego games are something that I really enjoy playing through with my son. So I have no doubt that we will be getting into Lego Dimensions when it is […]