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Top Five Worst Fighting Games!!!

I am a huge fan of fighting games. The amount of money I spent on games like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Fatal Fury and Samurai Showdown was nuts. Especially when I had most of these games in some form at home. Anyway the 90’s saw a real boom of fighting games with most of them […]

Top Five Female Video Game Characters

For today’s top five I am sharing with you my top five female video game characters. These are characters who really connected with me (despite me being a dude) and are the ones that I think are just in general, pretty damn awesome!. Let me just say that I would have loved to put Samus […]

Top 5 Worst Video Games Based On Movies

Top 5 Worst Video Games Based On Movies These days it seems like when a big new movie is coming out there is some crappy app that sees you needing to match three things in a row or play some kind of card game to tie in with it. Before this there was the tie […]

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