The Outer Worlds science weapon locations

Having weapons is cool and all and most of them deal more damage than the science weapons, but The Outer Worlds has some unique gadgets and gizmos that are worth seeking out. They’re the most bizarre items, capable of shrinking foes, or making them fight each other. Our Science weapon guide for The Outer Worlds […]

Over 24 Titles Playable at X019 London

  We’re looking forward to this year at X019, with over 24 titles joining us in London on the show floor Check out the list below for a snapshot of the developers and games that are joining us in London The three-day celebration will be streamed online from Mixer

The Top Five Xbox One Exclusives

Hey guys today I am sharing with you what I consider to be the five best reasons to be happy you are an Xbox One owner or perhaps to show you five reasons as to why you should be thinking of picking up an Xbox One. Today we are looking at the best exclusive games […]

Oculus Announce Games For The Oculus Rift

A few games were shown off at a recent event that give us an idea of what we can come to expect from the first wave of games to make use of the VR headset, the Oculus Rift. Some of these look really cool and here are my thoughts on a couple of the games […]

Oculus Teams Up With Xbox!

While Sony and their Project Morpheus VR headset has been known about for a while and something many gamers (myself included) are very excited to see. Many wondered when, Microsoft would jump on the VR train and have some kind of VR headset for the Xbox One…… well as it turns out Microsoft are not […]

NBA 2K16 Wish List

With the NBA Finals well underway (which I have been enjoying by the way) I fired up NBA 2K15 for the first time in a few weeks yesterday……… and turned it off after about half an hour because of the damn server issues that make getting into the game and just having fun with it […]